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Buy Magic mushrooms in Oakland California are wild or grown mushrooms that contain psilocybin; a naturally occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound. Magic mushrooms are recognized as one of the most well known psychedelics by the substance abuse and mental health services administration

Buy magic mushrooms online USA

Also known as: Shrooms, or mushies, magic mushrooms are now regarded as a miracle gift from God as many have turned to psychedelic magic mushrooms to find solution to problems of the mind such as depression and anxiety. 

Magic mushrooms are very good in rewiring the mind and helping it’s consumers escape reality when taken at high doses.

Magic mushrooms are known as hallucinogenic drugs meaning they can cause their users to hear, see or feel things that seem real but aren’t real. 

To many users, experiences like this open up the mind to deeper understanding of life and why many people will consume magic mushrooms and go on what psychonauts refer to as a “trip”.

Magic Mushroom Effects

The effects of magic mushrooms on the consumer depends on several factors some of which include: weight, age, dosage, personality, emotional state, environment and medical history.

For many, they experience what is known as bad trips. A bad trip (also known as challenging experiences, acute intoxication from hallucinogenic drugs) is an acute adverse psychological reaction to hallucinogens and it’s sometime frightening but with the preparation, screening and support before tripping, it becomes easy to make the most of your trips.

Where to buy magic mushrooms in Oakland California

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