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Comparing the Doses of PCP

Consumption MethodLow DoseModerate DoseHigh Dose
Oral Consumption1–5 mg5–15 mgOver 15 mg
Intranasal Consumption1-3 mg3–8 mgOver 8 mg
Inhalation1-5 mg5–15 mgOver 15 mg
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Buy Phencyclidine Online

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Angel dust isn’t quite as bad as it’s made out to be — but it certainly carries a higher level of risk than most psychedelics.

PCP (phencyclidine) has been around since the 1960s. After a brief stint as an analgesic, it was eventually banned and ended up on the street.

The most common method of using PCP is in the form of “Sherm” or “Fry” — which refers to marijuana flower or cigarettes soaked in liquid PCP.

This drug has been demonized in the media for decades, and while the effects of PCP are undeniably destructive, the reporting on dust has been largely overexaggerated.

Here, we take an unbiased look at PCP and explore the effects, risks, and history of this powerful dissociative psychedelic and its analogs.

What is PCP? | Buy PCP Online

PCP (phencyclidine) is a powerful synthetic hallucinogenic and dissociative drug closely related to ketamine. It’s a member of the arylcyclohexylamine class — which contains a wide range of powerfully dissociative and psychedelic compounds.

PCP was first discovered in 1956 by Dr. Victor H. Maddox while working for Parke Davis Laboratories.

Ketamine replaced PCP in the early 1960s because it was safer, the effects were more predictable, and it didn’t last as long as PCP.

By the time the medical field stopped using PCP, it had already made its way onto the street. While it has never been as popular as other psychedelics online, it’s still used routinely in some circles for its dissociative and euphoric effects.

As a dissociative drug, PCP works by inducing a sense of separation or detachment from the self or the environment. Its hallucinogenic and numbing effects on the body help create this feeling. Other members of this class include DXM (dextromethorphan), ketamine, nitrous oxide, methoxetamine (MXE), MK-801, and xenon gas.

There are also a variety of buy PCP analogs with similar psychoactive effects.

What Does PCP drug for sale Feel Like?

In general, the effects of PCP are similar to other dissociatives like ketamine and DXM — but much more intense and unpredictable. It begins with bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and a feeling of drunkenness and depersonalization. Users often feel like they’re sitting outside their body, watching events unfold with limited capacity for conscious control.

The PCP drug experience is deeply strange, confusing, and hard to describe or remember. Language is often insufficient for describing the effects of PCP with any accuracy. Trip reports often include statements like “I was walking behind myself” or “I was unaffected by time.”

PCP trip reports often include terms like floating, numbness, dreamlike states of consciousness, feelings of hostility or aggression, confusion and frustration, fear, paranoia, lack of appetite, a “speedy” sensation, insomnia, and euphoria.

Many people who take PCP get a feeling that they’re moving in and out of consciousness (blackouts). Each time, finding themselves in a different location or situation without any idea about how they got there or what happened along the way. This is sometimes referred to as “dissociative time-travel.”

Despite how common blackout experience is, PCP is only sedative in high doses, so users who have essentially “checked out” of conscious experience continue to display bizarre or erratic behavior.

Some users become hostile and angry; others become scared or depressed, and some even feel euphoric and inspired to create art or dance.

This drug’s effects on mood and emotions are completely unpredictable. Every person and every trip is entirely different. Like most psychedelics, the user’s mindset before going into the experience plays a big part in how it affects them.

In high doses, PCP is undeniably dangerous. It produces erratic and often violent or self-destructive behavior.

How Long Does PCP Last?

PCP kicks in quickly — within seconds if smoking or injecting, minutes if snorting, or up to 45 minutes if taking orally.

The total experience can vary a lot from one user to the next, but an average PCP trip will last around 6 to 12 hours. Some people experience effects for up to 48 hours after first taking it.

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