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The mescaline experience isn’t going to inject you into other dimensions like ayahuasca or DMT, and it’s unlikely to give you deep insights into the human condition — but it does have the tendency to show you that after all is said and done… life, in its essence, is good.

This interesting psychedelic has a lot of overlap with LSD and psilocybin — but is much more social. Instead of making you feel isolated and introverted, it brings a sense of confidence and extroversion.

Mescaline brings a sense of energy and euphoria, expands your sense of empathy with the world around you, and makes you want to talk with friends or go exploring.

What’s The Dose of Mescaline?

SourceMicrodoseStandard Psychoactive Dose
Peyote1 gram5–15 grams
San Pedro (Huachuma)1-2 grams8–20 grams
Peruvian Torch5–10 grams30 – 50 grams
Pure Mescaline10–40 milligrams200 milligrams
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Mescaline (3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine) is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in several species of cacti — all of which are native to North America.

The effects of mescaline are very comparable to LSD or magic mushrooms but with some subtle differences. The main difference is the sociability aspect of mescaline — it tends to make people more confident, energetic, and talkative.

The Mescaline Powder is an imaginative hallucinogen derived from the small, spineless cactus of Peyote (Lophophora williamsi). Mescaline Powder is a recreational drug and people use it to supplement various forms of meditation and psychedelic therapy. As it provides the patient with high euphoria that can contribute to persistent need. Consequently, mescaline powder may be highly addictive.

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The effects of mescaline are very similar to LSD and magic mushrooms but with some differences.

Mescaline is a social psychedelic — which means it’s much more likely to make you feel conversational, confident, and energized.

In comparison, magic mushrooms are introverted psychedelics. They encourage users to go off to be alone.

LSD is somewhere in the middle, sometimes making users more social — other times, more introverted.

People who’ve used mescaline often describe it as creating almost cartoon-like hallucinations — all the while maintaining complete mental clarity. You can have a perfectly normal conversation while under the effects of mescaline, and the entire trip remains based on reality (as opposed to ayahuasca, DMT, or salvia).

Mescaline won’t make you see something that isn’t really there — it just makes the objects that are there look different.

Common Experiences From Mescaline Include:

  • A desire to be with friends & family
  • A feeling of content
  • A feeling of empathy with the world around you
  • Cartoon-like hallucinations
  • Distorted perception of time
  • Increased energy levels
  • Paranoia or anxiety

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If a person has and eats the mescaline buttons from the cactus, it is possible that what he (or she) gets is actually mescaline. But if the medication is marketed to a person in pill form, whether he is told it is synthetic mescaline or not, the chances are very high that it is not actually mescaline. A drug called PCP or similar is more likely to be one.

In surveys of young people and adults in America, few studies classify hallucinogens into different classes of substances. In 2008, nearly 8 percent of American students, including PCP, psilocybin, or other drugs, reported using a hallucinogen other than LSD.

How to Take Mescaline

There are two main forms of mescaline — the raw cactus or pure synthetic mescaline powder.

The raw cactus is preferred and tends to produce a smoother experience — however, you need to consume a lot of cactus to reach the psychoactive dose. Eating a lot of cactus can be difficult — it tastes horrible and can cause a lot of stomach discomfort.

The synthetic powder requires a much smaller dose and is easily mixed into juice or water to mask the taste. You can also take mescaline powder as a capsule (the most common method).

Religious Use of Mescaline Powder

In some Native American tribes, mescaline use is a part of religious rituals. The use of this substance precedes and accompanies existing practices of religious worship and cleansing. Some tribes also permit to use of mescaline in these ceremonies. It is not for any other use that is lawful.

The majority of people who misuse hallucinogens are young individuals. There were more than 1,800 patients admitted to drug treatment centers in 2009 because of a primary opioid problem with hallucinogens. Around 40 percent of those admitted were under 21 years of age. Sixty percent, overall, were 25 or younger. Of the four, three were male.

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Side Effects of Mescaline

  • Tachycardia (rapid heart rate)
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Nausea or vomiting (rare)
  • Agitation
  • Insomnia

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