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  • buy Penis Envy Mushroom online

    Penis Envy Mushrooms


    Buy the best Penis Envy magic mushrooms in USA

    Texas Penis Envy magic mushrooms deliver everything you want in terms of potency, effects, and overall feel. That’s because these fantastic fungi have the genetics of two of the best magic mushroom strains in the world.

    However, you’ll need to tread lightly with TPE shrooms because they’re some of the strongest we’ve ever come across. If you’d like to know all about Texas Penis Envy magic mushrooms, then continue reading bel

  • wavy cap mushrooms

    Wavy Cap Mushrooms


    Buy the best Wavy Cap magic mushrooms 

    Wavy Cap magic mushrooms are unique, but not just because of their wavy cap. Wavy Cap is actually an entirely different species of magic mushrooms.

    Most strains and varieties you see online are Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. However, Wavy Z is a species known as Psilocybe cyanescens.

    That’s not the only difference because Wavy Cap magic mushrooms are incredibly potent and kick in fast.