magic mushroom chocolate

Magic mushroom chocolate are a great way to enjoy magic mushrooms without having to deal with the taste and smell of eating raw magic mushrooms. Shroom chocolate bars taste amazing and the demand for these delicious bars are on the rise as they are now a new favorite amongst psychonauts and also a great way to microdose magic mushrooms.

What does Magic mushroom Chocolate Taste Like?

Magic mushroom chocolates are tasty with a delicious nut flavor. As matter of fact, if you are not told you would think you are consuming chocolate with finely ground nuts.

How easy is it to make magic mushroom chocolate

After reading this you will be surprised how easy it is to make magic mushroom chocolates. Mushroom edibles in general are easier to make and take far less time than Cannabis edibles.

What Magic Mushrooms can be Used

Just about any type of dried magic mushrooms can be used ranging from golden teachers, to penis envy mushrooms, wavy cap mushrooms and a lot more.

I know most people are still wondering where they can order magic mushrooms from to produce these tasty chocolate bars.  We host an exclusive selection of dried magic mushrooms at our shop which can always get at affordable prices and through fast and secure delivery.

Dosing magic mushroom chocolate

Although everyone has their desired quantity of mushrooms they  consume, it’s always advisable to use less when consuming mushrooms in chocolate. This is because the mushrooms are finely ground and are readily absorbed.

If you normally eat 3grams of mushrooms use 2grams into each chocolate.

A general rule is to use a ratio of 9:1 of chocolate to mushrooms.

What’s the hardest part of making magic mushroom chocolate

The hardest part of making magic mushroom chocolates is managing the consistency. With the mushroom powder being so dry, the chocolate mix can get very thick and had to stir and pour.

To remedy this, Lecithin can be added because it increases the viscosity of the chocolate. Otherwise, just be patient and work the chocolate the best way you can.



Weigh the dried magic mushrooms and grind them using a coffee grinder until you get a light, fluffy powder.


Place a container inside a pot with water inside and melt the chocolate by placing it inside the container. You can use a pyrex measuring cup inside a saucepan with an inch or two of water in it. Make sure you have a wire rack under the measuring cup to keep it off the bottom of the saucepan. This makes melting the chocolate very easy.


Mix the dried magic mushrooms into the chocolate by adding a bit of the powder at a time and starring until it’s completely mixed.


Pour the chocolate into molds. If the chocolate is too thick to pour, spoon the chocolate into the molds and spoon out the top.


Cool the magic mushroom chocolates at room temperature. If you cool them by putting them in the fridge,  you might get chocolate bloom which is the sugar coming to the surface of the chocolates 

After following these steps you should be having a really tasty mushroom chocolate bar. Even when it look a little rough it still tastes great.

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